There are many voices clamoring for our attention these days. There are millions, and even billions, of different opinions and points of view out there. I believe in truth. I believe that the truth should be sought out at all costs. I believe truth has an origin and that origin is the Creator, God. All truth is God’s truth and there is only one Creator. More specifically, the only actual Creator, the universe’s ultimate cause, is the God who has revealed himself through the Holy Scriptures and the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Upon the realization of the authenticity of Jesus’s divinity and sacrificial love, a person comes to a crossroad in their life. Once convinced of God’s awesomeness and our own depravity, a broken heart cries out for forgiveness from a gracious and merciful Lord. The pride and hostility to God’s sovereignty which was once present in the heart gives way to submission and deep gratitude and appreciation for God’s undeserved love.

It’s at this point that a person begins to genuinely reflect God’s characteristics in their life, though often imperfectly. A new believer often has a passion and fervor for God in their life that leaves many more seasoned believers envious. However, the passion needs to be channeled. It’s of the utmost importance that new believers be discipled and encouraged to grow in their faith.

It’s this growth which the title of this blog is intended to illustrate. Becoming a Christian is just the beginning of a long journey; one that will last the rest of your life. At the moment of repentence and faith in Christ a new believer is as pure as they’ve ever been in their life. It’s only a matter of time, however, before worldly and supernatural influences tarnish the young believer’s purity. This is the adventure we sign up for. We are called to move from crudely reflecting God’s light in this world toward more accurately reflecting His image.

You see, both the moon and a mirror reflect light. Both give us an indication that there is a light source, but are not the light source themselves. The moon reflects the sun’s light in a crude manner, by which we’re aware of the sun’s presence on the other side of our planet. However, the moon doesn’t present an image of the sun. It instead presents us with its own image by the light of the sun. A mirror, on the other hand, reflects the image of the light source so clearly and vividly that the mirror’s own image is difficult to make out. The image that’s prominent is the image of the light source being reflected by the mirror.

This is a beautiful illustration of the task to which we, Christians, are called. We’re to move from moons to mirrors. We’re to move from crudely reflecting the change God’s made in our hearts toward, as closely as we possibly can, perfectly reflecting God’s character in this broken and lost world.

Might we help each other along this journey?


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